Asked Questions.

What are the eligibility requirements?
Can I get reimbursed for more than one phone number?
How long does it take to receive my Mastercard® prepaid card?
What is an eligible postpaid plan?
How long after I switch to Verizon Wireless do I have to submit my rebate request?
Can I enter more than one eligible wireless phone number at a time on my online submission?
Where can I find my order/purchase date?
How many files/images can I upload with my submission?
I do not want my Mastercard® Prepaid Card sent to my billing address. Can I change it?
Where can I check the status of my submission? I did not receive an email confirming my submission.
How do I activate the Mastercard® Prepaid Card I received for the rebate offer?
Where can I use my Mastercard® Prepaid Card?
Can I use my Mastercard® prepaid card to pay my bill?
Why have I not received my Mastercard® Prepaid Card yet?
I am having difficulty using the website.

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