Asked Questions.

What are the eligibility requirements?
Can I get reimbursed for more than one phone number?
How long does the customer have to complete their trade-in?
Can I trade in a device that is damaged or not working?
How can I determine that my phone is in good working and cosmetic condition?
What happens if I trade in a phone that isn’t listed on my bill or associated with my early termination fee, device payment plan or lease balance?
How long does it take to receive my gift card or credit for a trade-in?
How do I know how much I will be reimbursed?
Still have a lingering question about your trade-in?
What is an eligible device payment plan?
How long after I switch to Verizon Wireless do I have to submit my reimbursement request?
How do I submit for the reimbursement?
Can I enter more than one eligible wireless phone number at a time on my online submission?
Where can I find my order/purchase date?
Do you need my ENTIRE final bill from my previous wireless carrier?
How many files/images can I upload with my submission?
I do not want my Verizon Wireless Visa® Prepaid Card sent to my billing address. Can I change it?
Where can I check the status of my submission? I did not receive an email confirming my submission.
How do I activate the Verizon Wireless Visa® Prepaid Card I received for the Switch Offer?
Where can I use my Verizon Wireless Visa® Prepaid Card?
Can I use a prepaid card to pay my bill?
I received my Verizon Wireless Visa® Prepaid Card for switching to Verizon, but I didn't receive my reimbursement for trading in my old device from my previous carrier.
Why have I not received my Verizon Wireless Visa® Prepaid Card yet?
I am having difficulty using the website.

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